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ENV Photography is located in Edmonton, AB and is available to travel for weddings throughout Alberta and the world!
ENV Photography has a wedding style that is happy and a little bit sexy. Lots of great candids with some posed portraiture.
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Saturday’s Studio progress!

Oh my gosh today was a ridiculously long day! It all started with a flurry of phone calls from Home Depot’s delivery dept who were there at 7:45 am to deliver! I had no idea they would be even working that early on a Saturday, so of course I was still at home when the calls started coming. I flew out of the house and headed downtown to figure out how to get this monster truck into the service area behind the building. Thanks City of Edmonton for having such low flying wires in the back so the truck could’t come through. The Mega truck parked finally and then transferred everything via forklift, so, luckiliy, crisis was averted.

Then I headed off for my first trip to Home Depot of the day to buy insulation (I would prefer not to hear the neighbours, thanks), more door moulding and various other bits and pieces. Went back to the space, dropped it all off and then went on the hunt for flooring. I wasn’t able to find the first pick anywhere in stock, and I’m still a little disappointed, but managed to find something pretty and shiny that will do the trick nonetheless. 23 boxes of flooring, 11 rolls of underlay, 7 outside corner pieces, and more misc items later, I found myself heading back toward the space to drop off another fun bundles of wallet-draining supplies.

While I was gallavanting around to Home Depot, the insulation and drywall was put up and things are starting to look a lot less sketchy! Turns out I went a little crazy and bought too much drywall and insulation, so hopefully I can return that in the next few days. I wandered off again, now to plan the furniture I need to buy, but didn’t get much accomplished there, and then found myself back the space with Mom in tow to give her a tour. Finally we locked things down there, went to visit my nieces for a little bit before heading to, you guessed it, Home Depot, for the third time that day where I purchased a ton of paint and random bits and things. Now I am home, after a short stop for an Iced Chai Latte at my favourite Starbucks before dragging my carcass home to my hunny Derek.  Now, once I climb the stairs from my home basement, date night with my darling begins… until I pass out and then back at the space again tomorrow…

Here’s a few photos of where we are from today.

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