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Rockin’ the Dress with Amanda – Downtown Edmonton Bridal Shoot

I was pretty excited for today! My lovely model Amanda is actually a photographer as well (www.lightsidephoto.com) and she was a joy to photograph! I think she does as well in front of the camera as she does behind it! Me, on the other hand, I definitely belong behind the camera and nowhere near the front of it, and I’m ok with that! We were also joined today by Harvey of Love Bucket Photography and his brother Steven. They were awesome on helping out with some of the lighting and they were shooting too. The other exciting part of today is that I went and signed the lease for my new studio space downtown! I’m super excited for it! It’s on 105 St and Jasper Ave, coincidentilly, that’s where we also went to get Amanda’s hair done by my good friend Patricia who is a goddess of hair and she works at Celebrity Hair, which is my new upstairs neighbour! I stopped next door to arrange for flowers the shoot and procured the most amazing bouquet from The Wild Orchid! I think I love my new neighbours already!

So anyway, back to the awesome photos! We shot in the alley behind the salon, then just down the street in front of an empty building, then went back to the salon to warm up and then went down to the basement by my favourite elevator ever (yes, I think we will see lots more of it!) before heading off to an old garage at 118 Ave and 97 St to finish up the day. I’m super happy about the images, and I’m looking forward to wedding season starting to shoot even more fabulous brides and grooms!

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3 Responses to “Rockin’ the Dress with Amanda – Downtown Edmonton Bridal Shoot”

  1. Katy Gray says:

    Great session – I love the contrast between the red of the bouquet & shoes and that green wall.

  2. Julianne says:

    The photos are phenomenal Beth, great work!

  3. I love the lighting you used all around in this set. The shots of her against the roll up door are my favorites! Great use of color and composition!

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