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On vacation in Calgary – Trip to the Calgary Zoo!

Last weekend Derek and I took a trip to Calgary. Surprisingly, it was only my second time visiting there since moving to Edmonton 5 and a half years ago. We’ve actually visited Vancouver far more frequently, and it way farther away. When we first moved to Edmonton, we had narrowed down our choices to Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton. Vancouver lost out cause it was too expensive, we thought Calgary had to many cowboys at the time, so that left Edmonton. Now, when visiting Calgary, I have to wonder if we made the right choice! Calgary is a far nicer city than I realized! It looks and feels like a big city! Maybe we’ll move there in a few years, but I know we will definitely go back to visit more often and I sure hope to get some weddings there because there are tonnes of gorgeous options for wedding photos!

We enjoyed a long weekend of luxury staying at the Hyatt Regency downtown. The room was awesome and the pool was really nice. The room would have been aweosme for boudoir, so I might have to return there again sometime soon! We visited Calgary tower and had an afternoon of delicious and pricey martinis at Sky 360. The weekend was disgustingly hot and I made a point of enjoying the AC in our room and we had some fun splashing around in some fountain/wading pool near the hotel with Bella (my niece, they came to visit Calgary as well).

On sunday we headed out to the Calgary Zoo. Aptly named in regards to the animals and the sheer # of people there! Wow, it was busy and disgustly hot and sticky. I think I got a tan, against my will as I am determined to stay pasty white and not look a day over 40 when I am 80 because I stayed out of the sun! I only snapped a few photos at the Zoo because there were too many people getting in the way, and the cages that the animals are in are horrible for photos! So, here’s just a few of the tiger, peacock and 2-toed sloth and a mystery animal that I can’t remember what his name is…






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One Response to “On vacation in Calgary – Trip to the Calgary Zoo!”

  1. Brandi says:

    KITTY!! 🙂 So pretty. I love the zoo!

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