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I have a week off in August, so help me plan a road trip!!

I  have taken  a week off in August and have no plans so far other than a few days devoted to editing. I’ve lived in Alberta for 6 years now, but haven’t really travelled much within the province except to go to Jasper a few times, to Calgary and Red Deer, otherwise I have just driven through on my way to Vancouver. So, I’ve got a few days to drive (must be to a place with nice hotels, this princess doesn’t do camping!) and explore, and of course, take some pictures! So, suggest places for me to visit in Alberta, BC or Saskatchewan! I don’t want my vacation to be just locked in my basement editing photos! I wouldn’t mind the option of a few Rock the Dress or engagement sessions along the way, or even a last minute wedding!

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One Response to “I have a week off in August, so help me plan a road trip!!”

  1. Shawn says:

    You should go to Banff, I’ll even lend you my pass too.

    It has fantastic landscape with panoramic view that would totally blow your mind away.

    Half a day at Lake Louise would fascinate your eyes body and mind, take a slow walk up to Lake Agnes Tea house for tea and you could stroll down after that.

    Also take a day to go down to the Glacier place remember to bring jacket although its summer its still really cold up there with all the wind blowing up there.

    Take another half day to go up the Gondola and walk to the point tip and enjoy the 360 degrees view and watch planes fly by. (there should be some mountain rams up there)

    You totally deserve a break, a good break.

    Know exactly how you feel. Weekday and weekend work even though we like the weekend work better still its tiring.

    Then finally go for a massage at Sulphur mountain with

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