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Edmonton Wedding Photographer | Two winning photos from the AGWPJA Q2 contest!!

I was kinda having a bad day today. I’ve been tired and headachy since the weekend and I don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to get all the work I need to do done… Yes, I admit, I am being a little whiny about it 😉 This, however, totally made my day. Two of my ring shots placed in the top 20 for the Q2 AGWPJA contest for ring details. I’m pretty stoked! It’s an international contest with thousands of fabulous photographers. I’m feeling pretty darn happy now!

This one placed 10th. That darn ant drove me crazy trying to photograph the rings. It would crawl up and over and hide away and poke back out, so I decided to make it the focus… so I would like to thank the pesky ant for helping me win… I’m not grumbling so much about it anymore!

award winning wedding photographer in edmonton

This one placed 18th. I just loved this shot for the colour and the composition. I guess the judges liked it for the same reasons too!

award winning wedding photographer in edmonton

Check out the AGWPJA to see the work of thousands of amazing photographers from around the world… I’m super happy to be a member! Here’s my wedding photographer profile! Now, here’s hoping I place in the WPJA contest too! Crossing fingers!!

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2 Responses to “Edmonton Wedding Photographer | Two winning photos from the AGWPJA Q2 contest!!”

  1. Shauna says:

    Congrats!! They’re really cool, unique shots, I’m glad you got the recognition you deserve!

  2. Julianne says:

    Congrats, you always take beautiful ring shots!

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